Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm Going Back!

I read back over the entries that I left here and remember the tilted cobblestone streets, the tang of fresh papaya, and the aching tug in my heart that told me there was so much to do in that country, so much to see.

Back to Honduras. It's hard to believe. It's hard to imagine.

This blog has fallen silent through two years of tests and papers and summer jobs -- life going on.

All that time, the framework for understanding development and justice that I learned in Honduras carried me through classes on community development, economic theories, nonprofit administration, and even nonfiction writing. My studies had a purpose and a practical application. I wanted to go back.

In May, I accepted a diploma, and also an offer. To return to the Association for a More Just Society and work for a year, researching and writing, a job more perfect than I could have dreamed.

So in a few weeks, I'm going -- at the end of August! I can't wait to share this journey. I can't wait to keep on learning.

I hope you'll follow along.