Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Home Sweet Home

If you can make out the sign reading "Grand Canyon Kennels," I assure you, the arrow is NOT pointing to our new home, but to a building further down the street. 
When two girls from our team went home early, a friend and I moved out of the employee dormitory and into this cabin where they had been staying. Though it's essentially a small shack with a bathroom and barely room for three beds, I consider it an improvement. 

Construction has been going on in Colter Hall since the week I arrived, and it was common to wake up to cranes like this outside of my window, the shrill beeping of large machinery, and the course laughter of construction workers. Neighbors were infested with bedbugs and due to further construction on the bathroom right across the hall from me, there were only three showers in the building to accommodate several hundred woman.
Though the cabin I'm in now is no paradise-- the laundry facilities as seen below are perhaps lacking, and the buses that rush by still wake us up in the wee hours of the morning-- I'm thankful for the opportunity of a cozy new home, at least for my last few weeks.

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