Friday, May 24, 2013

Road Trip

Sunday morning, before the sun, my dad, Abby, and I set off on our cross-country adventure! Being at school, I haven't been able to spend the time I'd like with Abby, and it's been years since I've been on one of my dad's ambitious, meticulously-planned road trips. As far as modes of transportation go, this road trip looked like a winner. As we traveled, we made time for only the most breath-taking and important stops, like, of course, the world's (arguably) largest rocking chair.
We also stopped at Mammoth Caves, a 400-mile underground maze in Kentucky. 
When we got to Memphis, we stopped at the little duplex where I lived between the ages of 1 and 5, while my dad was going to optometry school. This is where I learned to somersault and where I learned to read, yet I barely remember it. When I think back, I can hear the neighbor calling for his dog, feel the spring of the trampoline next door, see the clothes spinning at the local Laundromat. I don't remember the birth of my brother or my dad’s graduation, or any of the things that the grown-ups thought were important.
What better place to picnic than the Parthenon?
 The three of us spent three-and-a-half days together, driving 10+ hours a day, and not only was I delivered to my summer job in a timely, we managed not to hate each other by the end. I would call that a successful family road trip!

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